Hi, I’m Will Jaeger

And I'm running for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 12

Issues and My Position

Public Education

I am 100% Pro-Public schools. As a product of the Minneapolis public school system, I understand the need for enhancing the budget and services of the Minneapolis Public School district.

Energy Independence

I believe that Minneapolis should continue to take steps towards creating an energy independent future for Minneapolis. There is no time like the present for this mission.

Transit Equality

I believe that everybody has the right to SAFE and AFFORDABLE transportation, no matter if it's by foot, bike, personal auto, or mass transit.

Affordable Housing

I believe that affordable housing should be an obtainable and realistic goal for all citizens of Minneapolis. As Someone who has lived and worked in section 8 housing in Hennepin county, I know the needs of the community in this domain.

Health Care at the Community Level

The city should step up and speak up for health care needs specific to our communities. Working closely and diligently with county and state health care programs is essential to this huge need.

Responsible Spending

Going door to door, the topic often comes up and I am straight forward on my stance that we all want to make more money. Although if you start to fix the problems of AFFORDABLE healthcare and housing, then I think that puts a whole new scope on the issue. Doing these large income increases at once can create " economic islands"; which in turn I would support these policy changes at a state or federal level. Healthcare and housing should be our higher priority